Speed and Agility Camp



Session 1: June 24 –July 10 (3 weeks)
Session 2: July 15-July 31 (3 weeks)


WHERE: Saint Xavier High School Football Field


WHO: Camp is for ALL students who want to improve their speed, agility and movement mechanics entering grades 6-12


WHEN: Camp will take place Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-10am


COST: $100 per session (30 spots)


To sign up Mail Registration Form to:
Speed Development Camp
c/o Ben Yauss
Saint Xavier High School
600 North Bend Road
Cincinnati, OH 45224


Make checks Payable to: Saint Xavier High School


For Further information: Contact Ben Yauss
P: 513-310-4637
E: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


This Program will focus on the 6 pillars of peak performance:
• Regeneration - methods to improve recovery from training & competition
• Conditioning - proper conditioning to improve work capacity
• Flexibility - restore/maintain healthy function of soft tissue and joints
• Speed - skills to maximize movement efficiency through 360˚
• Strength -training throughout the spectrum of strength qualities for sport
• Nutrition – Tips and handouts to properly fuel for sport


Our goal is to decrease the potential for injury in our athletes while improving their overall athletic performance. Program Highlights include:
*Movement Prep

*Neural Activation

*Linear and Multidirectional Skill and Strength


*Total Body Power *Stability

Ben Yauss- Ben is recognized as a leader in human performance and athletic development through design and implementation of a safe, competitive and educational training program designed to enhance performance while decreasing the likelihood of injury. Ben served as the Head Strength and Conditioning coach for the LA Galaxy from 2009-2014. He also worked with EXOS (formerly Athletes Performance) who are recognized as the leader in integrated performance training, nutrition, and physical therapy for elite and professional athletes. At EXOS, Ben worked with over 300 professional athletes including those from the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL while also serving as High School and College Prep Program director and the regional oversight leader for the US Olympic Committee. Ben is currently the Director of Strength and Conditioning at St. Xavier High School.