This Program will focus on the 6 pillars of peak performance:
• Regeneration – methods to improve recovery from training & competition
• Conditioning – proper conditioning to improve work capacity
• Flexibility – restore/maintain healthy function of soft tissue and joints
• Speed – skills to maximize movement efficiency through 360˚
• Strength -training throughout the spectrum of strength qualities for sport
• Nutrition – Tips and handouts to properly fuel for sport

Our goal is to decrease the potential for injury in our athletes while improving their overall athletic performance. Program Highlights include:
*Movement Prep *Neural Activation *Linear and Multidirectional Skill and Strength *Plyometrics *Total Body Power *Stability *Regeneration

WHERE: Saint Xavier High School Track Field (Subject to change based on weather)
WHO: Camp is for ALL students who want to improve their speed, agility and movement mechanics entering grades 7-12
WHEN: Camp will take place in July on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10-11am
COST: $120 for 6 sessions or $25 per session

For Further information: Contact Ben Yauss at or by phone at 513-310-4637.

Register online or register by mail and pay with a check made out to St. Xavier High School.